Skills For Success

One of the most important life skills that we all use in our everyday lives is Mathematics. There are multiple reasons why you should think of studying it.

The majority of us say that we are not math people

But math plays a big part in all our lives and understanding in general, how numbers work can have an extremely positive effect. From managing debt and getting a better handle on family finances, to finding a new job, or getting a promotion, everyone can find a way of making numbers work for them.

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Skills For Success

Math in Society

Numeracy is an essential skill for every job. There are various ways in which math is used in employment, these are:

  • Managing financial transactions, estimating costs, floor spaces, and materials;
  • Measuring food and drink supplies, medicines, and hair dyes;
  • Understanding data and statistics;
  • Calculating computer coding;
  • Using algebra in engineering and geometry in logistics and transport;
  • Dealing with taxes, etc.

it is important that everyone appreciates the value of having good numeracy skills in a world where the opportunities relating to science and technology are soaring. Inadequate numeracy is a direct drag on the economy. It is therefore crucial to ensure that country’s workforce is fluent and confident in math if its economy is going to continue to compete internationally, and the growing national skills gap is to be addressed.

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Every job involves some kind of basic math, yet we forget this as it becomes second nature when we actually apply it. Many careers use mathematics as the basis for more specific skills that include engineering, science, quantity surveying, and games and computer programming. Just about any job function, you can consider will include math. So, the better your mathematic skills, the better you will be capable to perform that job function. And without individuals who can do the math, we would not have a considerable number of things we take for granted.

There is a fairly wide-held perception that a person is either good at math or not good at math. And that the math you learn is of no relevance to real life. But that’s just not true!

Skills For Success

Good mathematics skills can lead you to various job opportunities

If you study mathematics, it will help you acquire skills that are transferable to serve whatever career you are interested in. Studying math could potentially lead to a job in:

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Computing
  • Construction
  • Teaching and many more.

Math at college

Being better with numbers is not a special talent, it is something we can all learn at any stage in our lives.

If you consider improving your mathematics skills and qualifications, college is an excellent place to do it. You can gain qualifications in your spare time to fit around your current study, work, and family commitments.

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